Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Virtual Cloud as a Facade Metaphor

As I further my writing, I have been exploring the metaphor of 'Ether' to describe the nature of the virtual flow of digital data. Digital data or virtual data exists today by way of the internet, wireless, wifi, and TCP Packets. These Information Technologies are perpetuating the concept of that 'everywhere is here' and information exists like a cloud of ether that surrounds us and we can tap into it from anywhere. As the design phase of my project approaches, I will be exploring metaphors for representing an age of digital information and a knowledge society. Toyo Ito, in his personal writings and building the Sendai Mediatheque, was one of the first Architects to explore architectonic representation for the Information Age. I have been aware of wind-generated Kinetic facade design, and believe the two projects below to be a very good examples of execution. The design of kinetic facade for me makes for a very appropriate response to the metaphor of the 'ether'. I will explore this type of facade further.