Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thesis introduction animation: the next Library?

What is a library when 'everywhere is here'?
This fun architectural animation explores the question of the role of the public library when digital information is everywhere and is everything.
What happens to the spaces of books?
and how should traditional spaces of information change for a digital world?
Even better... in the developing world, how could the library nurture an information society, when people don't have access at home?
Could the future of the library be an urban information bar?
or a theatre of knowledge?
and what does that really mean anyway?

A Hole in the Wall - Public Interface Experiment

An IT executive, whose offices were in the slums of India, experimented by putting a computer in the office's perimeter wall. The poor and marginalized community have little to no access to the internet and computers. The experiment was a hit, and he observed how the youth took control, thought themselves to use the computer and browse the net and then showed their friends. The projects growth around the developing country quickly inspired the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.
The project is an amazing look at the effects of public interface and how social interaction takes place around a computer.

For more about the project here are two links:

In South Africa, a project called the 'Digital Doorway' (DD) has recently launched and was inspired by the Hole in the Wall experiment in India. The DD is a more robust computer and is placed in extremely rural and isolated areas for small communities.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Future of the surface?

What will 'surface' mean in the future, is everthing a screen?

Interactive Architecture

Exploring the concept of playing with information and architecture for the application of tomorrow's library as an immersive theatre of knowledge unlike any experience we have on our home PC's or cell-phones. What can a library offer in today's information age so that it may re-invent itself. These video's are worth thinking about.

Bloomberg ICE (Klein Dytham Architects):