Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thesis introduction animation: the next Library?

What is a library when 'everywhere is here'?
This fun architectural animation explores the question of the role of the public library when digital information is everywhere and is everything.
What happens to the spaces of books?
and how should traditional spaces of information change for a digital world?
Even better... in the developing world, how could the library nurture an information society, when people don't have access at home?
Could the future of the library be an urban information bar?
or a theatre of knowledge?
and what does that really mean anyway?


  1. Fabulous animation! Very good discussion material for us in the public library sector. Actually, there is a digital divide here in Sweden too, not all are engaged in the digital networks that really are becoming the foundation of democracy. Thanks for presenting the issue of the digital divide in such an innovative way! Blogged about it on www.bibl.se, www.biblfeed.se and www.bildanatverk.se :-)

  2. Love the video! I'm an academic reference and instruction librarian. I would love to show this to my class. Do you by any chance have a transcript? It would be helpful for students who have hearing impairments. Thanks!

  3. Fantastic video! Thank you. I'm curious to know why you included the sound of children in the background? I found it made it difficult to hear, and wasn't sure why it was included. Otherwise, terrific job.

  4. Thanks for awesome video - great thesis introduction!

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