Sunday, August 2, 2009

Searching for to a New Knowledge Platform?

This small clip is a discussion and crit I had with two practicing architects, Dirk Bahmann and Sarah Calburn from Sarah Calburn Architects.

Moving quickly into the design phase of a building that promotes the awareness and participation with new information technologies, knowledge gain, and innovation, in a developing context.

I have began to discuss the notion of what space or platform is appropriate for the design of an information and knowledge building. An architectural exploration that began by learning from the archetype of the tradition library, yet it begins to push and pull the concepts of space-making, public space,and recreational space, into a de-institutionalized model that recognized the flexibility, social interaction and comfort that the informal market place can achieve (much like the nature of digital information today re- ETHER).

This early discussion focuses on breaking down the icon of a typical building block, and explores the organic diagram of how spaces and programming can be connected while still being jelly-like and flexible, such that the building becomes more like a village, or open campus that highlights new technologies, and remains still focused on referencing the nostalgic experiences of a library space or book store. Still big gestures for know, but this will be narrowed down into a building soon. Will keep you up to date, with context in the next post.

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