Monday, August 17, 2009

First Thoughts - Designing a New Knowledge Platform

This is the early (not edited) table of contents of my dissertation paper. It describes the full circle thinking of how I began my thinking and how I hope to end it with the design of a building that facilitates the idea of a theatre of knowledge or rather an OPEN INFORMATION CAMPUS, that is semi-contained within the confines of a building/architecture.

above are some of the first diagrams drawn up in discussions with librarians and practising architects about the concept of an "open source" building that speaks of a new open source information landscape that we have entered into in the last 100 years... these initial thinkings as described in the previous post (video) are represented in diagrams that describe plan, form, and flow.

The Thinker - Historically we contemplated in retreat, silence, solitude, and within our own mind. We solved problems in isolation, deep thought, and through introverted reflection.
In an age of twittering, blogging, social networking, and sophisticated work-place networks, global science networks, and mass-participation and collaboration, (and TED talks ) information is exchanged via a networked world. Thinkers, and problem solvers are inter-connected and the exchange of information is fluid and globally systematic. We solve and question our world today together as a global info-community. Bringing problems closer to solutions through mass collaboration.

This image is a word- graphic map of my thinking from Information, to structure.

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  1. Hi - I'd like to reuse the 2 drawings in this post : "historic - alone" and "contemporary - connected" in a presentation of mine. May I ask for your permission to reuse them, and cite you as the source ?